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Success requires the ability to INFLUENCE

The most powerful leaders in the world are trained communicators.

Professional Public Speaking and Strategic Leadership Training Utilisting Acting, Directing, And Psychology.

Inspire. Persuade. Innovate. Lead.

The significance of effective presentation as a leadership trait is undeniable. What distinguishes leaders such as Steve Jobs, Sir Winston Churchill, and Richard Branson? Their proficiency as orators and leaders is directly attributable to their robust vision and purpose, which they consistently demonstrate through their actions and leadership style.

An equally crucial aspect of leadership is the capacity to convey this vision and purpose to the organization and its personnel in a self-assured and persuasive manner. Whilst leaders may possess substantial knowledge and competence in their respective fields and a robust vision, their effectiveness can be hindered if they are unable to articulate and present their ideas and vision in a clear and impactful manner to those who need to understand them!

The ability to communicate like a leader, to earn the trust and commitment of staff and colleagues, and to influence the audience to align with the speaker's perspective, are all essential components of good leadership. It is imperative to be able to impact the audience and guide them towards the speaker's viewpoint.

Leaders need a confident voice. They need to inspire. They need to persuade. They need to lead the way. 

Success requires the ability to influence!


At Rewards Drama we work with C-suite, leaders, public figures, and performing artists globally to transform their public speaking in any context, from a meeting with colleagues, to client pitches, boardroom presentations, video recordings or lives, and the live stage in front of thousands. We work with leaders on their strategic leadership and application.

Our unique and comprehensive training utilises Amanda Nicole's background in acting, directing, psychology, and business, and teaches the skillset to quickly have the required confidence and authority in the marketplace and the voice of an effective and influential leader.

Learn persuasive communication delivery skills and how to leverage the techniques to shape opinions, influence behaviour and guide outcomes with our signature, 'Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera' public speaking and presence training.

Rewards Drama is the solution. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we offer training, consulting, and speaking, both online and in person.

What's being said...


Paul Pellier, Managing Director at Accellier Education

This incredible program gave me a very practical toolkit and a broad range of new ideas and inspiration to grow and excel as a presenter and trainer. I loved having a highly accomplished acting professional in Amanda provide detailed feedback as I grew through the training. I strongly recommend to anyone wishing to become a highly effective communicator!
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