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Imagine what it would be like to step onto a stage or stare into the camera lens - confidently.


Can you imagine feeling calm and in control, knowing that you have the expert ability to successfully achieve your outcome?


Actors and Directors are taught a skill set that gives them compelling stage and video presence each and every time.

Rewards Drama lets you in on this secret.


Rewards Drama translates the powerful skill set that actors and directors and teaches effective Public Speaking, On Camera and Presence.

If you are a Corporate or Government Leader, Business Owner, or Speaker then confidently and effectively reaching your audience,

regardless of the platform, is critical.

If you need to speak from the stage, pitch to the board, clients, or staff, either live or on video we can help you.

Have you had enough of the fear, imposter syndrome and public shame?

Are you tired of wasting time, and not seeing the results you need?

Do you need to quickly have confidence and authority in the marketplace and the voice of an effective and influential leader?

Then this is the solution for you.


Rewards Drama is the most comprehensive and effective Public Speaking and On Camera Training that you can invest in.

This training will give you real results and put you ahead of the rest.

Finally be confident in the knowledge that you know what you're doing and get the results to prove it.


Get the admiration of your peers,

the respect and promotions from bosses,

make the sales,

inspire your staff,

book the stages,

nail that pitch.


ALL the training you need to finally command the platform and become a powerful leader without a big time commitment or humiliating group exercises.

This is the solution you need.

Get the advantage for yourself.

So why does this new and unique approach work?


Think about what is it that shows that an actor or director is successful. It is their ability to invoke emotion and reach the audience with their story and message.

There is psychology and strategy and a time-tested craft behind this success.

What is it that public speaking, a pitch, talk, training, a video is trying to do?

The same things!

This is why the strategies and dedication to the craft of acting and directing is such a powerful resource for those who need to reach their audience.

Actors and directors are trained for years how to convince an audience, move your emotions, be seen as authentic and effective communicators, and confidently master the stage and film.


Now busy corporates and leaders can benefit from our years of training and experience and with personalised attention access ALL the training needed to quickly master the stage and camera. That is an amazing return on investment for you!

The core focus of 'Persuasive Presenting' is teaching you the technical and practical skills that Actors and Directors are taught so that you can be confident commanding the stage, room or camera.

The skills that can only be learnt through acting and directing training are now available to you through Rewards Drama.

Unlike acting training however, we don't ask you to do anything embarrassing, participate in trust exercises or imagine yourself to be a giraffe!

Unlike groups like 'Toastmasters' we don't insist you practice in front of people until you feel more comfortable - but still are no good at public speaking!

These groups are not personalised attention and they are not training. They are ineffective, time consuming, embarrassing, and give you no real results.

Instead, Rewards Drama brings you exactly what you need in the business world - the benefits of the drama skill set - the technical and practical skills to be an effectual and confident communicator.

Our philosophy at Rewards Drama is based on two main principles - excellence and return on investment.

Our training style focuses on the firm belief that everyone has worth and a voice.


Rewards Drama presentation skills training teaches business professionals to convey their ideas more powerfully in any context, from a meeting with colleagues, to client pitches, boardroom presentations, video recordings and lives, and the stage in front of thousands.


Learn persuasive communication delivery skills and how to leverage the techniques of persuasion to shape opinions, influence behaviour and guide outcomes.

Rewards Drama teaches you the knowledge and the skills that you need to powerfully and persuasively present:


*Voice, Projection and Enunciation

*Communication Intent and Inflection

*Body movement, position and language

*Stage Presence

*On Camera Presenting, Presence and Best Practice

*Memory and Focus

*Improvisation and Collaboration

*Preparation, Exercises and Warm-ups


*Mindset and Fear




*The importance of your own voice

So that you can finally overcome fear and imposter syndrome, step up and confidently excel as a powerful communicator and leader!

'Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera'

Your Path to Success!

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A Comprehensive Approach

The Rewards Drama services are customised to meet the specific needs of each client and we work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals.


ROI and real transformative results are what we offer you.

Online 1:1 services are available to book via the website,

or contact us to organise contracts for training for a group or for in person customised solutions for your company's needs.

Additionally, Amanda Meyer offers 1:1 Elite Level Leadership Transformation for a select few.


Amanda is available for keynote speaking, workshops and conferences at your venue, event or function, both in person and online.


For the past 20+ years Amanda has been involved in the arts world.

Acting, directing, writing and teaching the skills.

Through her work in the arts, Amanda saw how life changing the skills taught to actors can be. However, in the business community, she saw so many people who are skilled in what they do, but when it came to sharing that with others, speak to a crowd, pitch to the board, film their expertise on camera, they were completely let down by their lack of skills for presenting themselves effectively to their audiences. 

Aware that she had the answers and the expertise that people so desperately needed, she turned her attention to creating a training system utilising the actors and directors skill set and Rewards Drama was born!  

Amanda utilises all her knowledge and experience to help you overcome your fears and master your platform. She has worked with a wide range of clients and has been a guest expert speaker at conferences, workshops, retreats, podcasts and radio.

In addition to her work in Rewards Drama, she has taught acting, written and directed for the stage, written fictional pieces, many training programs and articles for the business community, was head of Drama at ACOPA, managed a national company, and also has a history in Business, Education, Leadership, Training and Assessment, and Psychology. 

Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership.

Amanda Meyer

from Rewards Drama

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Director at Engage 4 Insights - Innovation with Customer Insights

What Amanda so effectively delivers are professional techniques you can use straight away to polish your preparation and performance instead of fragments of knowledge you may pick up along the way, but not really know how to implement...