5 Common Mistakes

When Presenting to Camera

Film Set

Want Camera Confidence?

These days everyone is on camera...


Whether it is a painstakingly put together training, business promotion or just a social media live, there are a few really common mistakes that people make when they present to camera.

You may have noticed that some people appear more professional than others... 

The truth is, most people have never had any kind of training as to how to present on camera effectively. 

Great content is important but making sure that is what your audience actually hears is something else entirely.

Rewards Drama has put together this short guide on the 5 most common mistakes we see when it comes to presenting on camera.

These are mistakes that we see all the time!


Being aware of these things and implementing a few changes will make a world of difference to your videos and take you from fear to fabulous and from 'meh' to amazing!

At Rewards Drama we focus not only on stagecraft, voice, body, and on camera work, but on worth, individuality and the importance of our own voice.


So if you want to speak on stage, on camera or address the room, then we can help you to do it WELL, overcome your fears and ensure you reach your audience effectively whether you are on stage, in a meeting or on-camera!


Stand out from everyone else and look and sound professional on your videos.

Grab your copy of this FREE Guide now and start to improve your videos today!