'5 Minute Tips for Presentation On-Camera'

5 Short Video Series

Screenshot on camera.png

We are all just.so.busy – I know!


BUT we also need to know how to present well and confidently on stage and on-camera.


So - I am offering short, powerful, high value training -in literally 5 minutes!


Do you speak on stage?

Do you need to speak at network events?

In meetings?

Pitch to the board or prospective clients?

And the big one for a lot of people at the moment –

Do you need to get on-camera? Arrgh! Scary right?


Well this is what we teach at Rewards Drama!


We teach acting tools for presentation to get you over your fears and presenting successfully on stage, in meetings and on-camera so that you can effectively reach your audience.


We have put together this 5 video series of short 5 minute tips to help you present better on-camera. Whether you need to record a training video, be filmed whilst presenting or record a video or Live for Social Media, we've got you covered with the tips in this 5 video series pack!


The videos cover:

- 3 point lighting

- Voice inflection tips

- Background behind you on camera and why it matters

- Mindset

- Questions about filming on your phone


These short videos are a great introduction to Rewards Drama and how we can help you.


We have NEVER offered short and low-cost training before and you do not want to miss out!



ALL 5 videos in the series are available for the low subscription price of $29 and you can watch the videos as many times as you like in a one month period.


This is a monthly subscription where you will be billed each month (unless you cancel) that you choose to continue to access these training videos. 

Please Note: This video series was presented LIVE recently. You are purchasing the videos from the live trainings.