Affiliate Program

Rewards Drama has opened the doors to affiliate partners for their training packages.


Would you like to join Rewards Drama in reaching the people that need this training AND make money while you do?

If you have a network, website, newsletter, email list, social media or other means of promotion, you can help us promote our services and in turn be guaranteed a generous 15% commission on each new client sale (of online and in person packages and speaking engagements) that you generate through your referral code.​


Rewards Drama teaches acting tools for presentation and confidence so that speakers, business owners, corporate leaders and educators/coaches can overcome their fears and confidently and effectively reach their audiences - on stage, in meetings and on-camera.


The ability to be able to confidently deliver a presentation is essential, and in this digital age, that includes being on-camera.

Thankfully, presenting well and confidently is a SKILL SET that CAN be learned!

Are you ready to make money by selling one of Australia's most successful public speaking and on-camera online training packages?


How does your affiliate program work?


It's simple.

Once you join, we provide you with a unique referral code that you'll put on your website and share with your network.


When your users enter in the referral code that we have provided you and they make a purchase, we'll pay you 15% of the purchased online training package price on each new unique client generated by your referral code.


We pay you your commission between 7 and 14 days of receiving payment for the package from the client.


How much can I make?


Exactly how much money you will make will depend on how many of your referrals actually make a purchase from Rewards Drama. 

The more you promote, the more money you will earn! 

Start making money by reaching out to family, friends, posting in Facebook groups, online forums and Q&A sites, adding links to your website, blog, email newsletter, social media posts and sharing Rewards Drama everywhere.


Why should I join?


We offer an affiliate program with great commissions, so you can earn good money by helping us to reach more people who can benefit from Rewards Drama’s services. Rewards Drama is unique and in very high demand!


How much does it cost to be an affiliate?


There is no sign up fee to be an affiliate, but we do ask that only people who are really interested and will actively promote Rewards Drama apply.

How and when do I get paid?


After you join our affiliate partner program and begin earning, we pay you your commission between 7 and 14 days of receiving payment for the package from the client.

Can I collect clients' orders myself, and then send you the details?


No, you must refer clients to our site. Clients must enter their own information and book the services themselves.

Are there any exclusions to what I can earn a commission on?


The only exclusions are for our Membership as it is a low monthly access fee or for our Masterclasses which are only offered at certain intervals.


However, any online or in person service package, whether our 'Persuasive Presenting' Online Course ​or any 1:1 or Group Online Training is included in the Affiliate Program.

In addition, any Speaking engagements either Online or In Person are also included.

We want to help each other!

Getting Started


It's easy! Just read through the Terms and Conditions and then complete and submit the Affiliate Application below.

Please note that your application, along with the Terms and Conditions, constitute the Agreement between Rewards Drama and yourself.

Submitting the Application and Agreement Form below means that you agree to the Terms and Conditions and, once Rewards Drama accepts your application, you are entering into a legally binding Agreement with Rewards Drama.

Any other Questions?

Please contact us with any further questions via the contact form.

Affiliate Application and Agreement 

Thank you for your application!