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I took the 'Persuasive Presenting' Rewards Drama Course to become a more confident speaker, to learn some techniques on how to slow down, not stumble over my words and run out of breath.

I also wanted to learn some tips for doing Facebook Lives and other video presentations.

Stage presence and emphasis was a big light bulb moment for me.

Where to stand on the stage, how to emphasise what you are saying or change where you want your audience's attention to go.

The course has made me a more confident speaker, understanding subtle things that can make my stage presence greater.

Tips on how to improve memory and enunciation were of a huge benefit.

I loved the break out groups and being able to interact with the other students, find out their stories and learn from them.

The course is taught in an online course platform with interactive sessions and after class assignments that reinforce and cement the session learnings.

Amanda gives fabulous personalised feedback on the homework that also helps with the learning and how you and apply it to your situation.

Benefits are a better understanding of the subtleties of posture and voice when presenting and how to harness them to your benefit.

The workbooks provided mean we have references forevermore to go back and continue practicing.

I have plans now on how to make my Facebook lives more professional and how I can create a studio for online video tutorials.

I'd recommend this course to professionals wanting to improve their public speaking and video presence.

I will use the knowledge I have learnt to create professional standard tutorials for an online course and improve my presence in face-to-face

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