Online 1:1
'Confidently Effective On Camera' Package

Moving your business online?

Offering some classes live?

Do you have a presentation, talk or speech coming up?

Need to pitch, sell or teach?

Do you need to be on-camera?

Are you recording or doing a live?

Planning an online summit or webinar?

​This is for you!

Right now, more than ever before, you need to be online and on video.

However, to cut through the noise and be successful, you need to do it with excellence!

The skills required to be on video professionally and with confidence are not something commonly taught. There are plenty of trainings and guidance on the different options for platforms, for content, for planning, for social media ...


But what about how you are actually presenting on video?

How about the quality and professionalism of your videos?

And what if you aren't familiar with being on video or recording your own,

or you are, like so many others, fearful of the camera?

​​This is your chance to work personally 1:1 with Amanda Meyer - an actor, director, writer and teacher.

Sometimes you just need to have a professional in your corner giving you the insider information,  support and guidance that you need to get you to your goals and be the best that you can be.

Rewards Drama can take you from fear to fabulous!

That's where Rewards Drama's, 'Confidently Effective On Camera' Training Package comes in.

The training itself is derived from our famous and very successful, 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' Training and the 1:1 online sessions are with Rewards Drama's founder, Amanda Meyer.

In addition to the 1:1 training with Amanda, you also get personalised consulting and guidance for where you area at and what your specific needs are.

Crafting your speech/training/webinar/social media videos is so much more than your words!
Your words are only one piece of your communication.

If you want your audience to hear you effectively then you need to learn how to do it well.

Body - language, body/stage/camera position;

Voice - tone and inflection, volume and variance;

Visual - branding, light, background, composition;

Audience - intent, type, place

ALL factor in to what your audience hears from you.

​- Overcome fears and feel more in control
- Understand lighting and how to create your own
- Get insight into body positions and how to utilize them

- Understand how to not distract your audience or detract from your message
- Get practical strategies for appearing and sounding professional on camera
- Understand the power and nuance of your voice and how to use to your advantage

If you need to be online and you need to be on video, then you need this training package.

Don't fumble your way through and present substandard videos or lives.

Don't suffer from debilitating fear.

Learn how to do it well the first time and get the personalised support for you and your business right now.

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Fancy Camera

Confidently Effective On Camera

1:1 Online


USD $1200

Payment plan also available



This is our online 1:1 consulting package specifically to get you on video confidently and well. It is extremely cost effective and is going to get you to exactly where you need to go quickly. 

The package includes 3 x 40 minute personalised 1:1 Online Sessions and an initial consultation (for one individual)

And if you choose to pay in full upfront you will also receive the FREE BONUS:
- Unlimited email access for a month to support you on your journey!

If you would like to work with a professional public speaking and on camera training expert but are not ready to invest in the full training yet, and need to be on video quickly, this is the ideal solution for you now.

This package provides you with the things you need to know to present professionally on video as well as what you personally need based on your situation.

We are going to delve into what is holding you back and create a custom road map for you to ensure that you are on the pathway to success. We will focus on exactly what YOU need and get you to where you want to go. 

Together we can get you set up for video, fine-tune your copy, strategise your plan, and focus on the areas you need to gain clarity and confidence.

We recommend one session per week but you may prefer to complete it as an intensive two days or over a longer period.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

When booking online services, please make sure you booking in your own time zone or accounting for time differences.

Please book your initial free consultation session where we will talk about the service, your goals, process the onboarding if it is a good fit and book in your training sessions in whatever configuration suits you.

Meet Amanda 





Amanda Meyer is the Founder and Creator of Rewards Drama.


Amanda is a well known authority in Public Speaking and On Camera Training and Rewards Drama is well renowned. 


Her 20 year background in acting and directing means that she has the technical and practical skills to transform your speaking and videos. She teaches her expertise to speakers, business owners, executives and corporate leaders so they can confidently excel in a position of authority and master the stage, the room and on camera.

​Skills taught enable you to stand up on any stage or stare into the camera lens without fear because you know that you have the expertise to confidently establish your authority as a powerful communicator and leader. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership. She been a guest expert speaker at conferences, workshops, retreats, podcasts and radio.

In addition to her work in Rewards Drama, she has taught acting, written and directed for the stage, written training programs, articles, and fictional pieces, was head of Drama at ACOPA, managed a national company, and also has a history in Business, Education, Training and Assessment, and Psychology.

Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership.

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