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Your ability to speak with confidence and persuasion shows the strength of your leadership. 


Amanda Meyer, Australian Presentation Expert and Founder of Rewards Drama, will give your team the expertise to speak as the leaders they are.


Whether you are a CEO, GM, Government or Corporate Executive or Leader, speaking like a leader is imperative to the success of you as an individual, and to your team and Company.

Most leaders are time poor, do not have a structure for creating presentations and have never been shown how to bring a message to life. When they have to present all they know to do is model what everyone else does – that is read slides.

However, success requires the ability to influence so you NEED to be confident, free from fear and impostor syndrome on the stage, in meetings and on video to represent the brand well.

In a high-stake presentation then you MUST have professional presentation training to ensure that you deliver a strategic presentation to powerfully impact your audience and get your message heard!

Public speaking training that actually works! That is where the transformational training from Amanda Meyer comes in.​

Presentation skills can make a powerful difference to executive performance and to organisational success.

In today's world, executives rightly insist on professional development programs that make an instant difference to their skill set, performance and value.


Our commitment is to both the individual and the organisation, raising individual performance and generating business success. We understand that the training we provide must add to the bottom line and it must be long-term.


Our philosophy at Rewards Drama is based on two main principles - excellence and return on investment. Our training style focuses on the firm belief that everyone has worth and a voice.

Rewards Drama presentation skills training teaches business professionals to convey their ideas more powerfully in any context, from a meeting with colleagues to clients pitches and boardroom presentations.

Learn the expertise, persuasive communication delivery skills, and how to leverage the techniques of persuasion to shape opinions, influence behaviour and guide outcomes.

Through our training, we explore key strategies and provide effective tools to engage and inspire others across a variety of business contexts.

'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' is the perfect training for CEO's, Corporate Leaders, Managers, Departments and Government Bodies to become effective leaders and speakers.

Please refer to our PDF for more information about 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' 

Whether training 1:1 or in your group, we will train you in the proven strategies within the Rewards Drama Method that is going to have you finally speak like a CEO.

Master skills such as positioning yourself as a leader, delivering the emotion and intent behind the words like actors do, learning stagecraft, body language and on camera skills, capturing the attention of your audience through the unique formula that is Rewards Drama.

Acting skills adapted to business offer vital real-world tested, excellence in execution and a focus on both the managerial and employee coaching and development that make an immediate and lasting impact on business success and career advancement. 

Presentation and Confidence Skills are absolutely vital, and soft-skills are in higher demand than ever before. 

Acting skills translated to business advocate powerful execution in presentation skills on stage, in meetings and on-camera. 

Rewards Drama can help you and your teams overcome fears and present with confidence and excellence. 

Identify how spatial placement, body language and physical energy affect audiences' perceptions and how you can utilise them to be the most effective and get your message heard.

- close consultations

- pitch successfully to the board

- shine on stage

- engage and unify team members

- own the platform

- retain staff by clearly communicating your vision

- be powerful on camera

- train effectively

- sell with ease

- make a difference with your voice

Rewards Drama is the key to your success.

​For more information on how Rewards Drama can help you and your company, please download our PDF,

'Why Rewards Drama?'

Contact us to organise a quote for:

- All group training and workshops

- In Person 1:1 training

- Customised solutions for your company's needs

- Speaking engagements and conferences

If you are interested in more than just training and want the opportunity to walk the exclusive journey of training, coaching, and consulting with Amanda Meyer then the 1:1 Elite Level Leadership Transformation may be right for you. Please apply for a conversation here.

In addition to In-Person, Speaking and Group Services,

Rewards Drama also offers Online 1:1 training ideal for CEO's and Leaders.

Please see the options available below.


Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera

1:1 Online

USD $8700

Payment plan also available




​This is the full 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' Training delivered 1:1 online in 8 x 60 minute sessions.  

This is the complete training for Corporate and Government Leaders, Business Owners, and Speakers to become effective leaders and powerfully persuasive speakers on stage, in the room and on camera.

We will train you in proven strategies within the Rewards Drama Training including stagecraft, video, voice, body, expression, your person, message, teamwork, memory, script and improv. This training is going to enable you to overcome fear and imposter syndrome, and finally step into the spotlight with clarity and unbridled confidence!

In addition to covering the 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' training together, we can work on your current or upcoming project. 

​This package includes:
- 8 x 60 minute sessions with Amanda Meyer for one individual

- 30 minute Initial consultation
- Comprehensive Pdf Textbook
- Unlimited email access to support you on your journey!
- Review and Guidance on your presentations/videos!

The plan is valid for a 3 month period to ensure that you undertake the training in a timely manner and achieve your goals. We recommend one session per week but you may prefer to complete it as an intensive two days or over a longer period.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

When booking online services, please make sure you booking in your own time zone or accounting for time differences.

Please book your initial free consultation session where we will talk about the service, your goals, process the onboarding if it is a good fit and book in your training sessions in whatever configuration suits you.

*Discounts apply if 3 or more 1:1 packages are purchased. For group training please contact us for a quote.

This is our ongoing monthly 1:1 online coaching package that is extremely cost effective and is going to get you where you need to go. It includes 2 x 30 mins 1:1 online ...
Ongoing Online 1:1 Coaching Package

USD $799 per month

This is our ongoing monthly 1:1 online coaching package that includes 2 x 30 minute sessions and email support. It is extremely cost effective and is going to get you where you need to go. 

This is ideal for those who have completed training with us and would like to have ongoing continued support on their journey as they implement skills learnt.


This is also an option for those who would like to have a professional public speaking and on camera training expert as a consultant and coach for:

- an upcoming speech, pitch, training, webinar, or video,
- crafting your signature talk for your book or program,
- ongoing coaching and professional guidance to further career,

We can to delve into what is holding you back, what YOU need and ensure that you are on the pathway to success.

Together we can fine-tune your copy, shape your signature talk, strategise your stages and public relations plan, and focus on your upcoming projects to enable you to finally step out with clarity and confidence.

Imagine what it would be like for you to overcome your fear and take the risk to finally build the business and brand you want.

Let's do it together!

This package is a monthly package. There is no minimum commitment but plan will continue until cancelled. 5 business days notice in writing is required to cancel for the following month.

Each month gives you 2 x 30 minutes personalised 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions (for one individual) and ongoing email support. 

*Discounts apply if 3 or more 1:1 packages are purchased.

Meet Amanda 





Amanda Meyer is the Founder and Creator of Rewards Drama.


Amanda is a well known authority in Public Speaking and On Camera Training and Rewards Drama is well renowned. 

Her 20 year background in acting and directing means that she has the technical and practical skills to transform your speaking and videos. She teaches her expertise to corporate leaders, business owners, and public figures so they can confidently excel in a position of authority and master the stage, the room and on camera.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership. She has been a guest expert speaker at conferences, workshops, retreats, podcasts and on radio.

​In addition to her work in Rewards Drama, she has taught acting, written and directed for the stage, written training programs, articles, and fictional pieces, was head of Drama at ACOPA, managed a national company, and also has a history in Business, Education, Training and Assessment, and Psychology.

Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership.

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