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Your ability to speak with confidence shows the strength of your leadership. 


Amanda Meyer, Australian Presentation Expert and Founder of Rewards Drama, will show your team how to step away from reading PowerPoint slides and speak as the leaders they are.


Whether you are a CEO, Government body, Director or Manager, speaking like a CEO is imperative to the success of you as an individual, and to your team and Company.

Most leaders are time poor, do not have a structure for creating presentations and have never been shown how to bring a message to life.

When they have to present all they know to do is model what everyone else does – that is read slides.

Everyone in your team needs to speak like a CEO and that is where the transformational training from Amanda Meyer comes in.

The Rewards Drama 'Persuasive Presenting' Training is built around our Executive Speaking System.

This system shows your team how to organise what they know so they can remember it at the front of the room. It will give them the tools to bring a dry message to life and engage the audience so they remember the message.


Finally speak like a CEO and master skills such as positioning yourself as a leader, delivering the emotion and intent behind the words like actors do, learning stagecraft, body language and on camera skills, capturing the attention of your audience through the unique formula, that is REWARDS DRAMA.

The Rewards Drama training is perfect for large groups, smaller teams and one-to-ones for Senior Decision Makers. Presentation skills benefit every member of your team, but it is your company’s executives who require specialised corporate coaching. 


Our program is like nothing on the marketplace and like nothing you will be able to experience anywhere else. It is a transformational experience that is going to show you the tricks of the trade; you will actually learn what it is actors learn and you will become the presenter you have always dreamt of becoming.

Whether it is a sales pitch, presenting to the board, talking on stage or on-camera, presenting is something that terrifies a lot of people. Thankfully, skills can be learnt and tools can be acquired. Rewards Drama can help your team overcome their fears and present with confidence and excellence. 

Corporate Training and Consulting and Personalised Executive Coaching for the Professional, Rewards Drama is for individuals and companies that have their content ready to go but need to give a killer presentation and reach their audiences effectively.

Acting skills adapted to business offer vital real-world tested, excellence in execution and a focus on both the managerial and employee coaching and development that make an immediate and lasting impact on business success and career advancement. 

Presentation and Confidence Skills are absolutely vital, and soft-skills are in higher demand than ever before.

Acting skills translated to business advocate powerful execution in presentation skills on stage, in meetings and on-camera. Identify how spatial placement, body language and physical energy affect your audiences' perceptions and how you can utilise them to be the most effective and get your message heard. Represent your company well!

Rewards Drama is the key to your success.


​This is an extremely rare opportunity to work 1:1 with Presentation Expert, Amanda Meyer and have her work closely with you as an individual or in a team environment to help you bring your presentation of life.


Online or In-person Training and Coaching available for individuals or groups.  

(Please note that All Prices are in AUD$)


​For more information on how Rewards Drama can help you and your company, please download our PDF,

'Why Rewards Drama?'


Contact us to organise a customised solution for your company's needs.

Additionally, Amanda Meyer is available for keynote speaking, workshops and conferences at your venue or function In Person or Online.

In addition to In-Person services,

Rewards Drama also offers Online 1:1 and Group Training Sessions for your convenience.

Please see below the options available.

Rewards Drama offers group online training options (for up to 5 participants). This is a comprehensive 6 x session package that is going to show your team how to shine ...
6x Online Group Presentation Training
1 hr.
6 sessions AUD$5150
Rewards Drama offers group online training options (up to 5 participants). This is a 3 x group session package that is going to show your team how to shine and truly own...
3x Online Group On-Camera Training Pack
1 hr.
3 sessions AUD$2750
Rewards Drama offers 1-on-1 online training options. This is a comprehensive 6 x 1:1 session package that is going to show you how to shine and truly own your voice. Le...
6x Online 1:1 Presentation Training Pack
1 hr.
6 sessions AUD$2700
Rewards Drama offers 1-on-1 online training options. This is a 3 x 1:1 session package that is going to show you how to shine and truly own your voice on-camera. We a...
3x Online 1:1 On-Camera Training Pack
1 hr.
3 sessions AUD$1450
This is our ongoing 1:1 package that is extremely cost effective and is going to sky rocket you to exactly where you need to go. Get the guidance you need to present conf...
Ongoing Online 1:1 Coaching Sessions
1 hr.
1 session mth AU$499
Rewards Drama offers a 45 minute online 'Presentation Perfection' Session. Book in a 45 minute Online 'Presentation Perfection' Session to let us help you perfect your c...
'Presentation Perfection' Online Session
45 min.
Rewards Drama offers an online strategy session or follow-up meeting for a Corporate group. This provides an online corporate presentation strategy session/brainstormi...
Corporate Strategy or Follow-Up Session
1 hr.

Terms and Conditions


To see our Terms and Conditions for Online Training and Sessions, and also for In-house 1:1 Training, Group Training, Conferences and Keynote Speaking, please click below.