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What Amanda so effectively delivers are professional techniques you can use straight away to polish your preparation and performance instead of fragments of knowledge you may pick up along the way, but not really know how to implement.

I was very keen to take the Rewards Drama course to improve my presentation skills in my business.

​I have a regular commitment to produce LinkedIn videos, along with live presentations in both small and groups.

Time is of the essence in producing the content, and securing engagement at the point of delivery.

I personally found the video homework exercises very beneficial during the course, because of Amanda's one-to-one feedback. And I was able to rapidly improve and gain more confidence each week.

I feel a lot more confident in presenting now, armed with all the practical tips and personalised feedback.

And at the same time being in a group, adds a supportive, social aspect, knowing that others are with you on a similar journey.

The teaching methodology is well thought-out for the online environment as a virtual class where you can see everyone, talk to them and follow the tutor through the lesson and real-time exercises.

The homework is possibly the most valuable part, putting learnings into practice, and receiving personalised feedback.

This all adds to being immersed in a wide range of skills and acting method 'secrets', that are very focused, and not the hit & miss we would normally put up with otherwise.

Amanda has a very clearly expressed method of teaching, as you might expect :)

The material in the live class is well-paced and easy to follow.

And your homework receives very

detailed, practical feedback.

The aspect I liked most about Rewards Drama, was the homework, where you have a chance to digest the material, put some to work, and receive personalised feedback. This

really helps your week-by-week progress.

Other benefits include the excellent workbooks which are packed with useful information for reference in the future.

Amanda also curates a great series of videos relating to each lesson's themes which are very stimulating & explanatory.

The live and online environment is well suited to delivering the benefits because it's all about acquiring skills in 2-way communication and interaction and being in a group provides an enjoyable social aspect.

As I'm producing weekly videos, I was able to put ideas straight into practice with an immediate improvement in the quality of my presentation.

I would recommend Rewards Drama to anyone who needs to pitch ideas, present concepts and generally educate & inform.

The acting methods you tap into are made immediately accessible at a most practical level.

Things you may have said in the past "I wonder how on earth they do that" are revealed as common-sense and not magical. Though the end result should be magic!

As the name says, Drama can bring great Rewards in personal development.

I look forward to continuing to apply everything I've learned, as it’s not a one-time benefit, but something you can grow into each time you need to present.

Rewards Drama is good value as it’s an investment in your personal 'brand', and I would recommend future participants take full advantage of every aspect.

It’s not a massive time

commitment, but the quality is worth every minute you spend in class, on the homework, and in ongoing review.

I would be happy to work with Amanda again in the future, as I'm sure there's always room to grow.

It's stimulating, fun, and ultimately rewarding!

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