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On Camera Mastermind video series

Six rough cut edited videos (with attendee's personal and identifying content removed) taken directly from our
''On Camera Masterclass Series'' which was run for an exclusive group of business owners.

This video series is presented by Amanda Meyer from Rewards Drama. ​

The On Camera Masterclass Series was presented live to an exclusive group of business owners. These videos are rough cut edits of those classes so that you too can learn and master!  

Disclaimer: the videos are not perfect visual quality as the series was run and recorded through Facebook.​ 

I will take you through the 5 most common mistakes that people make when presenting on camera and what to do instead to look and sound professional and confident.

Mistake 1: Lighting on camera.
Mistake 2: Voice Inflections.
Mistake 3: Your background on camera.
Mistake 4: Letting your emotions control you.
Mistake 5: The wrong Focus.

We will ALSO talk about:
- Tips and tricks for filming on your camera
- Social media lives- audio tips.

At the end of the series you WILL know what you are doing AND you will be doing it WELL and CONFIDENTLY!

​​To your success!

Film Set

Video 1: Lighting on Camera

Lighting makes a massive difference and immediately separates the professionals from the amateurs. 
Incidentally, those we perceive as professional we are instantly going to trust and assume they know what they are talking about! 

For filming a properly and well-lit scene you only need three main lights.

It is known as three-point lighting and consists of the following three lights:
-         Key
-         Fill
-         Back/Hair


The Key light is the main light and is the one closest to you, positioned on your left or right and pointing towards your face on a 45-degree angle.

The Fill light is either twice as far away (to make it softer/about half as bright as the key) or half as bright a light and is your other side at a 45-degree angle. Its job is to balance the shadows created by the key and add dimension to the face.

The Back/Hair light is the light above the subject and gives the subject a slight halo effect. The main purpose of it is that it separates the subject from the background by defining the outline of the subject and provides depth of field.

Motivational Speaker

Video 2: Voice Inflections

Voice is so important. 
There is so much involved – projection, enunciation, expression, diaphragm, control, meaning and intent, exercises, and warm-ups etc 
What we are going to focus on here however, is expression. 

Inflection, tone, volume etc all contribute to the meaning but the emotions or actions behind the words are the key to expressing the intent properly. Without going into actioning and all the technical ways of doing this, let me just give you a few important points.

As you speak you can add a whole other layer of meaning by your use of inflection. Here are the basics to be aware of and watch out for in your own delivered lines.

-    No monotones.
-    Don’t taper off at the end of sentences. 
-    Inflection up at the end of a sentence sounds like a question.
-    Inflection down at the end of a sentence sounds like a command.
-    No inflection (spoken straight) is a statement.


Filming in a Studio

Video 3: Your background on camera

Your background (what the camera picks up behind and around you) is important and is part of the world you are creating and showing to your audience. It does matter and people do notice!


Where you are, the ability to hear and see you properly- is all part of your message. Don’t do something or be somewhere if there isn’t a reason for it or it will cause confusion and distraction. It will detract from you and your message, and of course also your professionalism.


Create a small ‘set’ with a few props, use a purpose created banner, or hang up a sheet (pale neutral colours work better than white) and let the audience focus on you and your message… rather than the dirty socks on the bedroom floor behind you!

Film Set

Video 4: General Tips

Practical tips for filming yourself.

Tips for overcoming fears on camera.

Speaking to an 'audience of one'.

Social media video tips.

Camera position.

Speaking speed.

The power of the pause.

Live Show Recording

Video 5: Emotions and Focus

The spotlight is on you. The camera is on you. This is your moment to be heard!

People are looking at you expectantly and judging you…


And before you know it – you are so aware of that and your fast beating heart and your sweaty hands and suddenly you don’t know what to say, where to look, what to do with your hands… I mean who knew you even had hands right?!


Although you feel exposed and aware of these things in that moment, realise that people see and hear you ALL the time. This moment where you are hyperaware of everything just feels bigger. 


Your fear, your anxiety, your awareness of the camera etc all has to do with you thinking about YOU. But this is not about you!


You are there to serve the audience. Your audience is there because they can learn from you or buy from you and they are interested in what you have to say. So make your presentations about them!

Camera Crew

Video 6: Questions Answered Compilation

A compilation of addressed questions asked by the attendees.

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