Rewards Drama Presents:

Trial Online Masterclass 'Your Business Online Using Video'
01 Apr 2020, 11:00 am AEDT
90 Minutes Training. 30 Minutes Q & A. US$79

To the Businesses, Speakers and Educators


Who are finding themselves needing to take their business online

or to offer a completely new service online in order to continue in business

and support your families and pay your bills, I have decided to put on a 2-hour online masterclass for you to get you confident and professionally show up live and on video.

Business owners who run live events, consider moving it online.

If you have a brick and mortar, have a think about what you can offer in an online capacity.

Can you offer purchases online and deliver?

Can you offer your in person classes online?

Can you create an online membership instead of a physical membership if you are in the health and fitness industry?

Can you offer your knowledge or expertise in some way online?

If you are moving things online and aren't that familiar with being online or you just want to make sure you're doing it well, I will tell you the things that you need to present yourself and your business professionally, look and feel good on camera and effectively reach your audience. This is an incredible opportunity to take your business, event, training, expertise to the online world!

I will take you through the common mistakes and how to avoid them and do it well instead. I will also have a 30-minute Q&A time where you can ask me your questions and we can work this out for you together!

If you haven't taken the leap to video yet, are fearful or just unsure about this, then this masterclass is for you!

I want to see you successfully pivot to the online world and to do well!


The Masterclass is just USD$79 and will be held Friday 27th, 11am - 1pm AEDT.


There is a maximum capacity so if you're interested then sign up straight away!


I hear every single day that people are afraid to go on camera...

Or they're just no good at it... 

So they just don't go on camera!

If this is you, you are missing out on an incredibly effective way of reaching your audience!

I don't want anyone to be held back from business success or letting their light be seen in the world because they are too scared or ineffective on camera!

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to be loud, obnoxious, outgoing etc to get on camera and to do it well! (Introverts I am talking to you!!)

A lot of fear comes from the unknown. With knowledge comes confidence.

I see so many people who, if they just got a bit of advice and help, could be amazing on camera. They have their content sorted but they just don't look 'high end' and don't have a 'high impact brand'!

This is my area of expertise and my passion.
With the tools and strategies that actors and directors have been using for eons, you too can feel confident, look and sound good on camera and reach your audience effectively!


So, who am I and why should you trust me to help you? I'm your resident expert in public speaking, on camera and presence!




                          Amanda Meyer



My background for the last 20 years is acting, directing, business and teaching.

I've created a business called Rewards Drama. I wrote a training program translating the actor's and director's skill set to the business world to help YOU get over your fears and get on the stage, present to the room, and get on camera confidently and well.

The training 'Persuasive Presenting’ On Stage and On Camera is transformational!

Here's the thing though, I know that a lot of people aren't yet ready to invest in themselves -or don't know who I am yet!

That's why I'm doing this Masterclass. I hate seeing people left in this state of fear and uncertainty and I can't stand the idea of you going into yet another year (and decade!) NOT living out your business dreams because you are scared to go on camera!!

So, the question is, what are you doing TODAY to prepare for the era we find ourselves in?


This is your time to SHINE!

You don’t want to miss this, and you don’t want anyone else to either!

Invite your friends, tell your colleagues, get together your business team and do it together, tell your neighbours, share this page, tell everyone!

If you want to be on camera in 2020, do social media lives, film that training video, transform your business, reach that audience, then the time to learn the skills is NOW!

Who’s in?!


Let’s make 2020 YOUR Year!

See you there!

To your success, Amanda 😘

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