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I have long held the opinion that actors have a very unique and useful skill set that can benefit people in their careers and businesses.

Where do people learn about acting skills without going off to film school or joining their local theatre group though?

Rewards Drama answered this question.

The course has given me a very practical toolkit and a broad range of new ideas and inspiration to continue to grow and excel as a presenter.

The course included homework activities that really gave me the ability to practice what was learnt, as well as get valuable feedback from Amanda.

Having a highly accomplished acting professional provide detailed feedback on my skills as they grew through the course (and they did!) was hugely beneficial.

I loved the interaction with the other participants and the ability to get feedback from Amanda on my performance as I applied the new skills and knowledge.

I would strongly recommend this program to anyone wishing to unlock skills in becoming a highly effective communicator.

There are things in this program you just cannot learn any other way than to apply them in a way that an actor would, and get great feedback from a professional.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to build their skill-set in presenting, training, social-media video content production, digital video making etc.

You could literally apply these lessons in so many aspects of life.

​The online course is an incredible program that got me out of myself and onto another level of presenting and communicating.

The link between the world of acting and business + everyday life is uncovered and a range of invaluable skills developed.

Amanda is a fantastic facilitator who really helped me grow as a presenter, trainer and these skills are transferring into my personal life also.

You're in for a real journey if you join this program. Strongly recommended.

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