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Melbourne, Australia



Empowering. Transformative. Mastery. 




​The ‘Persuasive Presenting’ Rewards Drama Course teaches you the tools that you need to be better at your presentations - on stage, in meetings and on-camera.

Rewards Drama translates the actors and directors skillset to the business world, teaching public speaking, on camera and presence to speakers, business owners and corporate leaders.

We show you how to overcome fears and to confidently excel in authority and effectively reach their audience.


Crafting your speech/training/webinar/social media videos is so much more than your words!

Your words are only one piece of the puzzle.

If you want your audience to hear you effectively so that you make the sale/get the promotion/book the gig then you need to learn how to do it well!


Body - language, body/stage/camera position;

Voice - tone and inflection, volume and variance; 

Visual - branding, light, background;

Audience - intent, type, place

ALL factor in to what your audience hears from you.



At Rewards Drama we focus not only on stagecraft, voice, body, and on camera work, but on worth, individuality and the importance of our own voice.

Everyone has something to say, a reason to be here and something to contribute to the world. If you don't do it, then it doesn't get done because you and your voice are unique!


The tools taught in the 'Persuasive Presenting' Training are transformational.

We give you the skillset to overcome fears, be confident, calm, in control and compelling!

Learn how to master your platform.

Personality has little to do with effective presenting and reaching your audience.

There is a skillset that can be learnt that will have you confidently stepping on to the stage or boldly facing the camera.

If you want to master the stage, camera or room, and have the skills and confidence to effectively reach your audience, then you need Rewards Drama's 'Persuasive Presenting' training.


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The 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' Online Training is offered at different tiers and prices.

‘Persuasive Presenting’ Online Course

Online Course (At your own pace version)

4 modules - each released weekly.

With on-demand training videos,

in depth highlight videos,


homework/practice tasks.

BONUS: 30 min 1:1 online session with Amanda Meyer

(we recommend doing this either midway through or at the end so please book accordingly)

‘Persuasive Presenting’ Online Group Membership

All of the above

PLUS an interactive Group Membership Community that runs for 8 weeks.

This Group Membership includes:


- access to the online community

- the opportunity to participate in conversations and ask questions,
- upload tasks/videos for feedback and support,
- a weekly group live interactive video 'Ask the Expert' with Amanda Meyer 
where she will provide some training, answer questions and give feedback.



‘Persuasive Presenting’ Online 1:1 Training


All of the above


PLUS 4 x One Hour 1:1 training sessions with Amanda Meyer (online)

and her full attention on you, your training, your goals and current projects.

It is critical to the success of your presenting, whether presenting one on one, on-camera or to a crowded room, that you have the 'behind-the-scenes' drama toolkit which is full of proven techniques and tricks so you can nail that presentation, meeting or video with style, grace and confidence.

This course will give you the skills and strategies to deliver a killer presentation on any platform, each and every time!


The Online Course and Group Membership will be available to access from February 12th 2020.

If you purchase before 31st January you can save $100!

(Available to the first 20 sign ups only)

Grab the Group Membership Plan for the price of the Online Course Today!

Use coupon code Earlybird2020 at the checkout to save and get your access locked in today!

NOTE: If the Online Group Membership Community is full or the start date for the intake has passed, then please click below to join our waiting list for the next intake of the Group Membership Community for 'Persuasive Presenting'.

The waitlist is only for those who want the 2nd or 3rd Tier which both include the Group Membership. 


Please click below to join the waiting list and be first inline for the next intake. 

The reason we have set up the Group Membership this way is that we don't want to have people coming in to the group membership part-way through as it is too easy for people to fall through the cracks

and not get the attention they deserve. 

Meet Amanda 










Amanda Meyer is the Founder and Creator of Rewards Drama and has unique insights into presenting and how to unleash the potential that lies within.

She is a well known authority in this field and Rewards Drama is well renowned. 

Amanda is a natural storyteller and uses both her theory and practical experience to motivate her clients to take new actions that will produce new results in their lives.

Amanda Meyer has been Directing, Acting, Writing and Teaching for 20 years.


A few years ago, she changed direction and started Rewards Drama to teach acting tools to overcome fears and be your best when Public Speaking and On-Camera.

Terms and Conditions


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