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Have you ever thought about the skill-set of an actor? Do you realise that drama tools would be amazingly helpful for YOU! Tools that help: Confidence, Presentation, Expression, Creative Collaboration, Self-worth, Memory, Focus

'One Off' Professional Feedback on a 10 minute Video

Rewards Drama Logo Large.jpeg
Rewards Drama Logo Large.jpeg

'One Off' Professional Feedback on a 10 minute Video

from 49.00

Professional feedback and suggestions on your video and presentation of up to 10 minutes in length.

Turnover time is 5 business days (AEST)

An additional $19 if you want the copy for your 10 minute video reviewed as well.

Current and Previous Students receive a discounted price of $35 for video review or $49 if copy review is also required. Please purchase the Student version and supply your student number to receive this price.

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