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Rewards Drama translates the Actors and Directors Skillset to the Business World, teaching Public Speaking, On Camera & Presence.

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Great content is important, but making sure that is what your audience actually hears is something else entirely!


The ‘Persuasive Presenting’ Rewards Drama training will give you the skills, strategies and confidence to deliver a successful presentation, whatever the platform, each and every time.


Learn the skill set full of proven techniques so you can nail that presentation, meeting or pitch with style, grace and confidence.

So many people have a fear of public speaking and being on camera. Both are crucial in our work life.

Learning the skills to do so well and having the 'behind the scenes' knowledge is the key.

Presenting well and confidently is a SKILLSET that CAN be learned!

Master the Stage, Room and On-Camera with our 

'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera'

Rewards Drama Online Course. 


The Online Course consists of:

- 12 Month Access
- 4 Modules
- On demand training videos
- In depth highlight videos
- Textbooks
- Homework/practice tasks
- Online community discussion board where you can participate in conversations, ask questions,and upload tasks/videos for feedback and support.

- PLUS 6 Online Group Coaching sessions.

Weekly One hour live group video sessions for 6 weeks.
'Ask the Expert' with Amanda Meyer which include some training, answering questions, and feedback given on tasks/videos submitted in the online community discussion.

It is critical to the success of your presenting, whether presenting one to one, on-camera or to a crowded room, that you have the 'behind-the-scenes' drama toolkit which is full of proven techniques and tricks so you can nail that presentation, meeting or video with style, grace and confidence.

This course will give you the skills and strategies to deliver a killer presentation, each and every time.

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