Marketing Strategist at Yael Keon

The Rewards Drama 'Persuasive Presenting' Course really helped me to stop and think about what I am presenting and how I am presenting myself.

From tone of voice to lighting, it will bring new life to my videos.

My primary reason for taking the course was that while I've been doing video presentations for quite some time, I've never done any formal training and thought I could learn some tips to make it more effective and connect with my audience better.

Plus it sounded fun!

I enjoyed the lessons and the workbooks.

Combined they bring together a good mix of practical knowledge that I will constantly refer back to when preparing my videos.

I can highly recommend Rewards Drama to anyone who isn't feeling confident in their presentation skills.

Rewards Drama gives that knowledge and training to help make you that bit more comfortable in front of people and take that leap into presenting more.

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