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Amanda Meyer is available for keynote speaking, workshops, conferences, events and training 

Online or In-Person at your venue or function.

Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker to have your audience transfixed?

Then you have come to the right place, as Amanda Meyer is the Presenter for you.

Keynote speakers are an essential component of any successful conferences and events.

The right keynote speaker will add something special to your event, as bringing in an outside voice creates a non-replicable spark and authority.


Introducing Australian Presentation Expert and Keynote Speaker, Amanda Meyer.


Amanda will work with you to help get your message across and help boost motivation and leave your attendees feeling energised and inspired. 

We make sense of the world by turning what happens into stories.

Amanda Meyer is an amazing Storyteller and will tap into stories of personal growth and transformation, which has a universal quality that resonates with audiences across the globe.


In today’s competitive world, the need to present a highly professional image is now more important than ever. Unfortunately however, it’s easy to miss some of the opportunities available to help you present yourself in the best possible light and, as a result, enjoy the success you deserve.

A professional presentation style requires the confidence and ability to convey the right image that you want your audience to see and to ensure that your intent is what your audience sees, hears and understands.

Presenting information clearly and effectively (just like professional Actors do) is a key skill in getting your message across.


Today, presentation skills are required in almost every field, and many people are required to present at work, professionally and confidently representing their brand. Whilst some people take this in their stride, many find it much more challenging, and few are effectively persuasive.

These key elements are the core of Amanda Meyer's presentation.


Through a custom-made presentation that integrates your brand message, Amanda will provide you with an interactive and compelling presentation for your next conference or event. 

Amanda will also include an audience workbook if you wish, built to your specific requirements.


Wow your audience with one of Australia's most professional and expert presenters either in person or online.

Meet Amanda 





Amanda Meyer is the Founder and Creator of Rewards Drama


Amanda is a well known authority in Public Speaking and On Camera Training and Rewards Drama is well renowned. 

Her 20 year background in acting and directing means that she has the technical and practical skills to transform your speaking and videos. She teaches her expertise to corporate leaders, business owners, and public figures so they can confidently excel in a position of authority and master the stage, the room and on camera.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership. She has been a guest expert speaker at conferences, workshops, retreats, podcasts and on radio.

​In addition to her work in Rewards Drama, she has taught acting, written and directed for the stage, written training programs, articles, and fictional pieces, was head of Drama at ACOPA, managed a national company, and also has a history in Business, Education, Training and Assessment, and Psychology.

Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership.


Limited spaces available, so contact us today with your requirements and your preferred dates.

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