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Our Events

At Rewards Drama we regularly host our own events and series.

Some are for our existing clients, some are large gatherings, some are free, some are open to the public, and some are exclusive training opportunities.

Stay tuned for our next event opportunity!

One Minute Tip Series 
"To Your Success!"

If you’re like us you don’t have time to read pages of text or watch hour long videos. 

With that in mind, we have created a series of ONE MINUTE TIPS called ”To your success!

On Camera Masterclass Series

We hear every single day that people are afraid to go on camera…
Or they’re just no good at it… 
So they don’t do it!

If this is you, you are missing out on an incredibly effective way of reaching your audience.

We present our on demand training ''On Camera Masterclass Series''


This includes 6 videos (with attendee's personal and identifying content removed) taken directly from our training which was run for an exclusive group of business owners.

Avoid common mistakes and learn how to take your video presentations from meh to masterful!

This video series is presented by Amanda Nicole from Rewards Drama.

If you haven’t taken the leap to video yet, are fearful, or just unsure about this, then this masterclass is for you!

Vlogger looking at camera

coming soon

'Communicate like a Leader'
Virtual Lunch N Learn

45 minute session
12pm AEDT

Date TBA

Bring along your lunch and your notebook because this will be a powerful session!

How does a leader communicate?
What sets them apart?


What can you do TODAY to be seen as the leader you are?

Leadership communication utilising acting, directing, and psychology.

You don't want to miss this one!

Virtual 'Presenting On Camera' Intensive

This is THE class for you if you need to present on camera to train or speak.


The intensive runs for 5 hours and will take you through everything you need to know to present on camera, look and sound professional, film yourself effectively, and tips and tricks to get you through fears and imposter syndrome.

Dates and times TBA.


Join the waiting list for more information and early bird pricing.

Filming in a Studio

'Presenting On Stage and On Camera' Training
Public Group Format

This is the complete Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera training delivered in a Group format (open to the public).

Learn everything you need to know to increase your sphere of influence through your communication on stage, in the room, and on camera.

The training includes:

  • 10 x 60 minute Sessions

  • Comprehensive Textbook

  • 30 minute Initial consultation

  • Homework projects

  • Opportunities to receive personalised feedback on your homework projects

  • Access to Community Discussion Boards

  • All content, practicals and reviews are done in session

Businessman Using Laptop

Dates and times TBA.


Join the waiting list for more information and early bird pricing.

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