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Melbourne, Australia


Have you ever thought about the skill-set of an actor?


The unique tools they are taught?



Tools that help:




Presentation (Stagecraft, body movement and language, position)


Expression (voice, enunciation, projection)

Creative Collaboration


Knowing your worth and who you are


Memory (learning tricks, retention)



Why shouldn't you have access to these tools and skills just because you're not an actor?

Rewards Drama teaches acting tools for presentation & confidence so that business owners, ceo's, managers, educators & government departments and agencies can overcome fears, & confidently & effectively reach their audience.

We offer professional training and consulting, so you can excel in a position of authority and create the most powerful presentations on stage, in the room and on-camera.

We provide 1:1 or Group Online Training, as well as In-Person 1:1 or Group Training, Workshops and Conferences.

In addition, Amanda Meyer is available as a speaker, both online and in person.

Presenting well and confidently is a SKILL-SET that CAN be learned!


from the Founder and Director of Rewards Drama, Amanda Meyer

Hi! I'm Amanda and I am a Professional Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, On-Camera, Confidence Trainer.

I teach Public Speaking, On-Camera Skills & Presence by Utilising the Actors Skill Set.

Rewards Drama translates acting and directing skills (my background for 20 years) to the business and performance worlds so that you can overcome fears, and confidently and effectively reach your audience on stage, in the room and on-camera. 

I saw through my work in the acting world, how life changing the skills taught to actors can be. Skills that enable them to stand up on any stage or stare into the camera lens -without fear- because they know that they have the expertise and skill to do so well. 


However, over the years, I got more and more and more frustrated because I saw, time and again, people who are amazing at what they do, but when it came to sharing that with others, speak to a crowd, pitch to the board, film their expertise on camera, they are completely let down by their lack of skills for presenting themselves effectively to their audiences. 

Aware that I had the answers and the expertise that people so desperately needed, I turned my attention to creating a training system utilising the actors and directors skillset and Rewards Drama was born!  

I have unique insights into presenting and how to unleash your potential. I can bring the skill set that actors are taught and translate it into your corporate world. I am an authority in the field and Rewards Drama is well renowned.

So many people have a fear of public speaking and being on camera. These days though, both are crucial in our work life. Learning the skills to do so well and having the 'behind the scenes' knowledge is the key!

And I have that knowledge. It is my job and my passion to share it and to see others succeed because of it.

However, at Rewards Drama, I focus not only on stagecraft, voice, body, and on camera work, but on worth, individuality and the importance of our own voice.

I have worked with all ages and with a wide variety of people: Singers and Performers, Business Owners, Students, Speakers, Trainers and Coaches, CEO's of Global Companies and High Level Government Departments.

In addition to my work in Rewards Drama I've taught acting, written and directed for the stage and written many training programs, articles, manuals, as well as numerous fictional pieces. 

I've studied Directing, Acting, Writing, Screenwriting, Teaching, Training and Assessment, Business Studies, Psychology, HR and Training in the Workplace.

Most recently, I was the Head of the Drama Department at Australian Centre of Performing Arts for almost 3 years, before choosing to leave to found Rewards Drama.

Suffice to say, I know what I am doing - and I can help you to present well and effectively!

I am passionate about helping people find their own voice, confidence and creative gifting.

I look forward to working with you to achieve YOUR best!





The Rewards Drama training was designed for:


1/ Speakers

Who either haven't trained how to speak effectively or need to up their game and get booked.


2/ Business Owners

Who want to boost their profile and branding.


3/ Corporate Leaders, CEO's and Managers

Who want to advance their career and confidently represent their company.


4/ Educators and Coaches

Who want to be confident of effectively connecting with and helping their audience.

5/ Performers and Artists

Who know their craft but need help confidently performing on stage or on camera.


"Find Your Voice and Reach Your Audience"


Engagement with your audience doesn't have to be hit and miss.

It is not luck.

Don't leave it to chance.


Learn from the experts at Rewards Drama and pitch successfully to the board, engage your team members, be powerful on-camera and train effectively with real strategy that is based on innovative research.


"Present with confidence and be remembered for all the right reasons"


No. Rewards Drama uses acting and directing methods that have been restricted to acting schools teaching actors only... until now!


Rewards Drama isn't trying to teach people to be actors, but rather, how to utilise the specialised acting skills that are so useful in everyday life situations! 

Acting skills are known to improve presentation, poise and confidence.

So why wouldn't you learn the skills for yourself?


The Rewards Drama 'Persuasive Presenting' training is taught in online group and 1:1 coaching, as well as in-house training and conferences.

When booking online services, please make sure that you account for time differences. All days and times are listed in AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

Please contact us to enquire about any in person options.


The Rewards Drama training ‘Persuasive Presenting’, which covers presenting on stage and on-camera, is taught in 4 separate modules.


​If you are doing the online course you will have a module released weekly. You can however go through the training at your own pace.


If you are in the Group Membership, you will receive the training as above.


In addition, there is an 8 week online community full of discussions, questions and the opportunity to submit your homework for feedback and guidance.


There will also be a live group 1.5 hour Q&A session with Amanda Meyer.

If you have opted for the package that includes all of the above as well as the 6x 1:1 sessions with Amanda Meyer, (or you are participating in any 1:1 or group online sessions), the sessions can be used to go through the 'Persuasive Presenting' training together, as well as a focus on your own individual needs and areas to prioritise and work on a specific project if you wish.

Ideally 1 or 2 sessions for each module is required to get through all of the content and training. 

However, we will focus on the modules that are most relevant to you and spend the time where it is needed most.

​Each online session is for 1 hour.



Every client will receive a textbook for each module of training undertaken. 

The module textbooks range from 20-30 pages each.

The textbooks are full of information, questions to complete, and notes sections to fill in and keep for future reference.

The full training textbook is approximately 100 pages.

​In addition, we ask that you allow 1 hour for the Homework Requirement and implementation after each module. ​

The homework is to put into practice what we have just covered in the session, grow your skills and to help you understand for yourself the points made and tools taught.

In the 1:1 or Group Online Training, Homework is submitted and professional feedback given to you.​

In the Group Membership there is the opportunity to submit in the group community.

Further sessions and support is recommended after completion to help you to implement the training and grow and develop.

Stand alone 1:1 sessions as well as ongoing group coaching packages are available.


There are no prerequisites to take part in the training.

You will, however, need access to the following if you are doing the training online:


- Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Phone

- Internet access that is fast and stable

In addition, if you are doing any of the 1:1 or group online sessions, you will also need:


- Microphone/Headset

- Webcam


To see our Terms and Conditions for Online Group Membership, Coaching and Sessions, as well as for In-house 1:1 Coaching, Group Training, Conferences and Keynote Speaking, please click below.

What’s Being Said

"Amanda is an experienced facilitator, and the sessions were very positive and encouraging.
It's great that the course allows participation anytime during the week if you can't be there live at the scheduled time."

Heather Falckh

"The link between the world of acting and business + everyday life is uncovered and a range of invaluable skills developed.
You're in for a real journey if you join this program. Strongly recommended."

Paul Pellier

“Hey Amanda I just downloaded and read your eBook - and man WHAT A GREAT READ!
I have shared your post on my Facebook page… Again WELL DONE and Thank you.

Adam Packer