Rewards Drama

Have you ever thought about the skill-set of an actor? Do you realise that drama tools would be amazingly helpful for YOU! Tools that help: Confidence, Presentation, Expression, Creative Collaboration, Self-worth, Memory, Focus


 Have you ever thought about the skill-set of an actor?

The unique tools they are taught?

Have you ever wondered if these tools may be of use to YOU?

Tools that help:

  1. Confidence

  2. Presentation (body movement and language, position)

  3. Expression (voice, enunciation, projection)

  4. Creative Collaboration

  5. Knowing your worth and who you are

  6. Memory (learning tricks, retention)

  7. Focus


Why SHOULDN'T you have access to these tools and skills just because you don't want to be an actor?

WHY exactly do actors get to be taught specialised skills that can be applied to EVERYTHING and YOU DON'T?

The tools taught to actors aren't just great acting tools, they are great LIFE tools!


Are you tired of doing the same thing, and getting the same result?

Are you looking for change and want to try something new?

Do you respect out-of-the-box thinking?

Do you feel insecure about some aspect of your work life, and are looking for a creative approach to solve the issue?

What is Rewards Drama about?

Rewards Drama is an exciting program that blows open the specialised training of actors and gives everyone access to the inside secrets of the actor's toolbox! Rewards Drama takes the unique and specialised tools that are taught in acting and drama and shows how they can be used by everyone... in everyday life!

Rewards Drama teaches you the tools that you need to be better at your presentations - both live and video.

Rewards Drama teaches you the skills that you need to be confident and present the best version of you possible.

We would love the privilege of sharing this knowledge with you and teaching you these skills. We love to see people grow and blossom and see their worth! If you, or someone you know, would love to find out more, please click on the button below.

Please feel free to share with everyone you know!

Amanda Meyer - Founder and Director

Amanda has been directing, writing and teaching for 20 years. She has studied Directing (with NIDA and US Professor Steve Ray), Event Management, Writing, Screenwriting, Acting, Teaching, and Training and Assessment.

Amanda has worked with all ages, beginners and professionals, as well as with local prominent artists. She has taught, written and directed for several community drama groups, and has written many training programs, articles, manuals, as well as numerous fictional pieces. She has taught drama privately, in schools, and for many community groups and programs.

Amanda co-wrote and co-directed ‘He/She/It’ for Melbourne Fringe Festival to great reviews. She also directed a series of educational plays on film used as counselling tools (under a grant from the Victorian Government).

For the past two years, Amanda has been Head of the Drama Department at Australian Centre of Performing Arts where she has had the pleasure of working with many talented people.

Amanda is an inspiring and creative teacher who believes strongly in the growth of individuals and value of community within her classes. She is passionate about acting as a tool to express ideas; and to help people find their voice, confidence and creative gifting.

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