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A word from Amanda NICOLE

Founder and Director of Rewards Drama
Leadership communication and presentation expert

"I have seen firsthand, through my work in the performing arts, how life changing the skills taught to actors can be. Skills that enable them to stand up on any stage or stare into the camera lens -without fear- because they know they have the expertise and skill to do so well. 

However, throughout my years in business, I became increasingly frustrated as I witnessed amazing people completely let down by their lack of skills for presenting themselves effectively. I also discovered that the traditional public speaking training and groups fall far short of the mark in providing these skills.

Having studied Directing, Acting, Writing, Screenwriting, Teaching, Training and Assessment, Business Studies, Leadership, and Psychology, I have unique insights into how to unleash your potential.

​​Aware that I had the answers and the expertise that was needed, I turned my attention to creating a training system utilising the actors and directors skill set and Rewards Drama was born.  


​In addition to my work in Rewards Drama and my own creative endeavours, I have taught acting, written and directed for the stage and written many training programs, articles, and manuals for the business and training communities, as well as numerous fictional pieces. I have extensive leadership experience in multiple roles, including managing a national company.

Most recently, I was the Head of the Drama Department at Australian Centre of Performing Arts for 3 years, before choosing to leave to found Rewards Drama.


​I have worked with a wide variety of people globally: CEO’s and Executives of Global Companies, High Level Government Department Leaders, Business Owners, Students, Singers and Performers, Speakers, Educators, and Coaches.

​I am passionate about helping people find their own voice, mastering their platforms, guiding them in strategic leadership and enabling them to confidently excel in a position of authority.

 I train, consult, and speak online and in person.

​I look forward to working with you!"

Service Areas

Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera Training

This training translates the acting and directing skill set teaching effective public speaking, video and presence. 

We are hired by CEO’s, managers, business owners, educators, government departments, and performers to help them overcome their fear and imposter syndrome and confidently excel in a position of authority and persuasively reach their audience on stage, in the room and on-camera.

We will train you in proven strategies within the Rewards Drama Training including stagecraft, video, voice, body, expression, your person, message, teamwork, memory, script, and improv.

This training is going to enable you to finally step into the spotlight with clarity and confidence!

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Who is Rewards Drama for?

The Rewards Drama training was designed for:

1/ CEO’s, Leaders, Executives, Managers and Departments.
Who want to advance their career and confidently represent their company.


2/ Business Owners.
Who wish to boost their profile and branding.


3/ Celebrities, Public Figures, and Speakers.
Who want to be confident of effectively connecting with their audience when performing or speaking on stage or on camera.


Is Rewards Drama an Acting School?

No. Rewards Drama uses acting and directing methods that have been restricted to acting schools teaching actors only… until now!

Rewards Drama is not trying to teach people to be actors, but how to utilise the specialised acting skills.

We provide you with the technical and practical skill set that are known to improve presentation, poise, confidence and effectual communication.


Why is learning a skillset to be good at public speaking and on camera important?

There is a lot more to speaking on stage or camera than the words!


Communication and presentation involve voice, body, strategy and presence.

Soft skills, the ability to communicate, reach your audience whether on stage, the room or on camera are vital to business and work life so you need to do it well!

-Speak effectively and inspire your audience to transformation,
-Inspire your company employees with your vision and retain employees, 
-Explain your company or brand to the public, clients and media, 
-To successfully pitch to board, boss, panel, investors, client.

A lot of people are fearful and therefore don't step out. Others think that they are comfortable speaking.

However, being on stage or on camera and doing it WELL are two entirely different things!


Why does this new and unique approach work?

Think about what is it that shows that an actor or director is successful. It is their ability to evoke emotion and reach the audience with their story and message.

There is psychology and strategy and a time-tested craft behind this success. ​This is why the strategies and dedication to the craft of acting and directing is such a powerful resource for those who need to reach their audience.

​Actors and directors are trained for years how to convince an audience, move your emotions, be seen as authentic and effective communicators, and confidently master the stage and film.

Now busy corporate leaders and public figures can benefit from our years of training and experience with personalised attention and ALL the training needed to quickly master the stage and camera.


Can't people just practice a lot to get good at speaking or being on camera?

No! And this is a common misconception.


Practicing over and over will eventually make you feel more comfortable and less afraid simply because you are familiar with speaking, but that still doesn't mean you are doing it well!

There is a big gap between the two. We have worked with people who thought they were comfortable and even good at public speaking but quickly discovered there is so much more to doing it well and effectively; intentionally reaching your audience, regardless of the platform or circumstance, every. single. time.

Once you have the skillset, the foundation, you can do anything. The skills translate to every area and are an investment for a lifetime!


Does the training involve things like 'trust exercises'?

No! We don’t ask you to do anything embarrassing, participate in trust exercises or imagine yourself to be a giraffe!

Unlike groups like ‘Toastmasters’ we also don’t insist you practice in front of people until you feel more comfortable – but still are no good at public speaking!

​Instead, Rewards Drama brings you exactly what you need in the marketplace – the technical and practical skills to be an effectual and confident communicator.


What is the time commitment involved for the training?

The Rewards Drama training ‘Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera’ is taught in four separate ‘Scenes’ (modules).

1/ You Personally and You in a Team
2/ Vocal Expression and Pre-production
3/ Physical Expression and Directorial Concept
4/ Filming and Execution

The training is delivered in 10 x 60 minute sessions.
We recommend one session a week for 10 weeks, however, the sessions can be undertaken in a condensed time period if desired.

In addition, we suggest that you allow 1 hour for the Homework Requirement and implementation after each of the 10 sessions.

Further support in the form of Ongoing 1:1 Consulting Packages is available after completion to help you further implement the training, grow and develop. 

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