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Performing Artists and Public Figures

Public Figures, Singers, Performers, Bands

As a performing artist your focus is usually on your gifting and skills.

Performance is more than presenting your skills though, it’s about stage presence and connecting with your audience.

Have you thought about HOW you are presenting your gifts? 

You may have mastered your craft in singing, playing your instrument, writing your comedy routine, preparing your speech.

Maybe you have performed a lot, maybe you're just starting out, maybe you have your first gig/booking/appearance/recording lined up.

But how are you going to execute your performance?


What if you are performing on stage? 

  • Do you know how to utilise the stage? 

  • Do you know the language and psychology of reaching your audience?

What if you need to be on camera?

  • Self-tape an audition, performance, or presentation?

  • Film a promo or sponsor ad?

  • Social media?

  • An interview with the media?

Do you know what makes a performance great?

Do you know how to do that?

Not just perform professionally, but powerfully and persuasively perform?

Do you know how to create stage presence?

Utilize the stage and camera for your advantage?

Use the psychology of directing?

Dissect the lyrics or script?

Use the power and nuances of language?

Evoke emotion in your audience?

Take people on a journey of your choosing?

Stage and on camera performance is a separate artform and skill.

A skill that can be learnt. The artform that is the missing piece to your performance.

Are you still relying on what a stage manager or tech guy told you at some point?

(You need to reach your mark by xyz so the spot hits you...)

Are you suffering from impostor syndrome?

Do you look awkward and uncomfortable?

Do you not know where to stand or how to move, and when?


Did you know that you can completely control your performance and execute from beginning to end in a way that weaves a magical and powerful story?

Stand out from all the other acts, wow your audience, leave a lasting impression, and confidently deliver a professional, powerful, and persuasive performance.


Don't just present, PERFORM!

bts-acceptance speech_edited.jpg



What if you are asked to be an ambassador for a company?

What if you need to speak on behalf of your sponsor or agency?

What if you are asked to ‘say a few words’, make a thank you speech, or share your story?

A performer needs to represent their brand, promote, and work with sponsors and endorsers.

Speaking reveals, speaking instils, speaking inspires, speaking leads.

As an artist that is often a terrifying prospect.
‘I'll sing, I'll play, I'll perform - but don't make me talk!’

The Solution

Rewards Drama’s ‘Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera’ training will give you the skills and strategies to deliver a killer performance or talk, each and every time. 

* Learn stagecraft, presence, and how to emotionally impact and connect with your audience.

* Learn the tools that you need to be powerful in your performances and presentation – on stage, in the room and on-camera.

* Learn how to utilise directing, acting and psychology in your performances to stand out.

* Learn how to be comfortable and natural and confident when you speak.

* Learn how to overcome your fears and feel more in control

Understand yourself better and collaborate with others well

Understand how to use the space, your body, and your voice effectively and how to use to your advantage

Artist Performing on Stage



Subjects Covered

Preparation, Exercises and Warm-ups
Stage Presence
Mindset and Fear
On Camera Presenting

Best Practice



Direction and Vision

Intent and Inflection

Memory and Focus

Script analysis and delivery


Projection and Enunciation

Body movement, position, and language



Or contact us below for a customised quote

Artist Performing on Stage




  • 1:1 with Amanda Nicole

  • 10 x 60 minute Sessions

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Comprehensive Textbook

  • 30 minute Initial consultation

  • Homework projects

  • Personalised feedback on your homework projects if desired

  • Guidance on your presentations

  • All content, practicals and reviews are done in session

  • Fast track option is also available 




  • Group format

  • 10 x 60 minute Sessions

  • Comprehensive Textbook

  • 30 minute Initial consultation

  • Homework projects

  • Opportunities to receive personalised feedback on your homework projects

  • Access to Community Discussion Boards

  • All content, practicals and reviews are done in session

  • Fast track option is also available 

  • Both Private Group format (your team) and Public Group format (open to the public at intervals throughout the year) are available.


Performer on Stage


Rewards Drama offers workshops, intensives, and retreats for your company or team.

Content, duration, and location can be customised to suit the company’s requirements and budget.

Rewards Drama also regularly hosts and participates in Business Events which, if open to the public, will be advertised on the website and social media.


Available In Person and Virtually.

Amanda Nicole is a well known authority in Leadership, Public Speaking, and On Camera Training.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Amanda speaks, trains and consults.


She has been a guest expert speaker at conferences, workshops, retreats, podcasts and on radio.


Ongoing monthly 1:1 virtual consulting packages include 1 x 60 mins 1:1 online session monthly and unlimited email support.

Please note, this package is consulting, not training. 


Ideal either for those who have completed training with us and would like to have ongoing continued support or those who would like a professional consultant for an upcoming audition, performance, speech,  video, or for crafting your signature talk for your performances or presentations.

Level UP Leadership Transformation

Upon application only.


The Level Up Leadership Transformation is offered only to a select group of clients who are committed and ready to invest in their future.

This focuses on effective and strategic leadership, growth and influence, and includes an exclusive level of coaching by Amanda Nicole for a period of six months.

The program also includes the complete, ‘Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera’ training.

Get in Touch

Contact us for a customised quote, for further information on any of our services, for questions, or for guidance on which service is right for you or your company.

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